Privacy and security is the most important part of a network for any home, business, or corporate environment. That's why at MacNeil Media, we deploy a dedicated security gateway so that all of your devices are protected.


Range is a must have, whether it's moving to a different part of your home, or to another floor in your office space. With our Mesh network technology, you can move seamlessly without having to reconnect or switch WiFi devices.


Our network technology is capable of speeding up your service provided network to it's fullest capacity, so you can enjoy streaming movies, video, music and more without buffering.

Technical Support

Our clients are our top focus, which is why we have a team of trained technicians to provide week round on-site technical support, so that you can stay connected. We can also provide remote support for a monthly fee. (Ask your sales representative for more info)

November 20, 2020