Our Team

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Jacob MacNeil - CEO

Project Manager

For the past 3 years Jacob MacNeil has been working with film online by starting his own Youtube© channel, and has always had a passion for technology. Jacob started building the company, know as today, MacNeil Media at the age of 16. Since then the company has grown in it's community, built a team, and has created content for others to watch, share, and enjoy for the businesses of East Hants and real estate.

Cameron Fraser

Stage Designer & Rental

Mackenzie Cutler

Editor & Graphic Designer


Christina Fisher, Photographer & Videographer

Keith MacNeil, Company Spokesperson


Jaedon Nixon

Photographer & Editor

Jaedon Nixon was hired June.2017, so far he has been a tremendous help to the company and team. During events where filming is taking place Jaedon allows us to focus on the video and not worry about the photos.

July 1, 2017