PNS 4.9Mhz Microwave Radio Install

Drone video/photograph archive of PNS 4.9Mhz Microwave Radio install. All 53 radio sites were recorded and photographed alongside with MacNeil Telecom Inc. working on the install while also working on a network install at the site.

Yung Voorhees – Bright (Prod. neb) [Official Music Video]

Hayden Koutras, Rap & Hip Hop


Dalhousie University, Schulich School of Law

Prof. Lucie Guibault
Mini Law – How can we protect Indigenous Culture?

Gaudets Garage

Gaudets Garage
Client: Tony Gaudet.Jr
Filmed: Oct.1.2016
Cameras: DJI Phantom 3 Pro, Sony A6300
Crew on site: Jacob MacNeil, Ed Dawson
Location: Milford Station, NS

Lantern Hill & Hollow

Lantern Hill & Hollow
36845 The Cabot Trail
PO Box 235
Ingonish Beach
Cape Breton Highlands
Nova Scotia B0C 1L0


July 1, 2017